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Our training workshops/courses/programmes are all designed with this in mind - how can we ensure revenue growth in your business.

All the Workshops / Courses / Programmes on this page are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.

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Meet Your Trainers

Sharn Piper

Sharn has weathered many storms in life and in business. He has built multiple successful businesses and understands how to create a sales focused culture that is robust and produces consistent results

Dr. Rouxelle De Villiers

Dr Rouxelle has management and consultancy experience of over 25 years in South Africa and New Zealand. Originally a trained science teacher, Rouxelle has three decades of experience in teaching students of all experience levels. She complete her PhD in 2013, and has been teaching at AUT since 2006.

Bill James

Bill James, a seasoned sales professional who was a national sales manager at just age 26 and has over 35 years of experience beating sales targets, training sales and being in the field achieving spectacular results.

Simon Milne

Simon has spent his professional career involved in sales, media and advertising. In addition to his experience lecturing on communications at the University of Johannesburg, he also is a trainer for the United States Global Media Agency and a course developer and facilitator at AMG Training Academy.

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