Turning Kitchen Designs Into Dollars More Often

A programme for Kitchen Designers developed and written by a previous kitchen design company owner.
This Course is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.  Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

It costs time, energy and money to create kitchen designs – right?

So, what do you get if do not turn them into kitchen contracts? – NOTHING!

Even if you charge a fee for the drawings it never comes close to covering the real cost.

The programme “Turning Designs into Dollars” has been created to solve this all too common a dilemma.

  • Written specifically for kitchen designers
  • Written by a past kitchen company owner

Course Includes

Presented by someone that specialises in helping people like designers (who are technically excellent but find asking ‘the question’ almost impossible) how to get past their reluctance towards selling and become competent at getting the deal over the line.

Even if you are like many in the industry right now and you gain most of your business from key building companies, times are changing and waiting lists will shorten. The retail market will become far more important. The skills in this workshop will assist in both areas.

Course Content

Prep: Sales personality profile
On the day we cover:
  • If it’s to be it’s up to me - Why is selling so hard? 
  • Selling as you and being successful. Doing business at the 2 key levels
  • Positioning you as the expert 
  • How to connect and sell to different personalities
  • What customers are looking for 
  • Two killer approaches that get you 70% of the way to a sale in the first minute
  • Fronting the tough stuff and questioning
  • Using 3rd party reference and ‘naming the elephant’
  • Completing the deal
  • Shrinking objections
  • Follow up fundamentals
Post Session:
There will be two follow up webinar session to reinforce the learnings, help with any stumbling blocks and to ensure return on investment from the training. These webinars will be delivered to specific locations who have sent larger numbers to the event. There will be an open invitation to all participants to attend. We want to see you succeed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strength to accept they are in sales
  • Confidence to try
  • How to uncover the real budget
  • How to stand up to strong customers
  • The ability to cut down appointment times and the number of appointments
  • Insights into how the customer behaves and buys
  • The ability to speed the process up and win the business
  • The confidence and knowledge on how to charge more through to closing the business


Price: $250 NZD/hour (Per business)

Time Commitment: One day - Workshop, 2hrs Pre & Post-training

Locations: Auckland | Bay Of Plenty | Canterbury | East Coast | Hawke's Bay | Manawatu Wanganui | Marlborough Nelson Tasman | Northland | Otago | Southland | Taranaki | Waikato | Wellington | West Coast
This Course is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.
Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz