Inner Circle

You might be used to networking groups, industry events, and conferences. This is different. Inner Circle is a space where you will be able to get out of your business and free your mind to resolve the issues and challenges you have in your business. You can’t get the fresh perspectives, ideas and answers you need without external input. Simple as that. Inner Circle lets you sharpen and regain your perspective, mix with like-minded business leaders and discover the way forward for you and your business. We put the right speakers, consultants, and other businesspeople in a room together to make this possible. Network – learn – improve.

Our regular monthly masterminds provide:

The right advice at the right time – experienced and knowledgeable facilitators crystalise the challenge and help facilitate a solution.
Through group style sessions, we focus on a single problem at a time – yours – to create solutions and ideas from the wisdom of many minds.
Networking among peers and business orientated managers and owners forges strong connections and uncovers new business possibilities.
Key coaching moments that have a huge impact on your ability to overcome challenges and work with new insights.
In addition, we aim to have a ‘super’ event that will bring a larger group together for a celebration of business, a fun interactive learning session, mind expanding international speakers and the chance to network with an expanded group of like-minded business people.
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Head Facilitator

Bill James

Bill is a seasoned sales professional who became a national sales manager at age 26, and now has more than 35 years’ experience in helping increase the performance of both teams and individuals. His ability to instil confidence into reluctant salespeople (those that don’t like selling but have to anyway) has seen clients achieve significant increases in their sales activity. He helps organisations get the sustainable results they want. Earning the PSANZ New Zealand’s Educator of the Year award 2021 is simply testament to the results he achieves for his clients.
We promise you that Inner Circle is where the light-bulb moments will happen for you and your business.
Let’s lean on each other from here on out – we’re stronger together, and there’s room in this big old world for everyone to win.

The Nuts and Bolts!

Inner Circle is designed to run on a 3 month cycle (subject to change), on an ongoing basis.

Month 1 and 2 are high value insight driven masterclasses. often 12 to 20 or more attendees bring challenges to the table and leave with working solutions to implement in their businesses.

The third month is designated as 'an occasion!' with up to 100 attendees, where we put on a network evening full of brain stimulating ideas, international speakers to WOW you, owners and managers to network with, and a glass of wine!

These are fantastic evenings with rave reviews and valuable connections.
The skills you need to become a real professional. Thrive in your career.
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