NZFSG “Business Generation” Programme

Kick your 2022 goals into touch with this series!

As the dust settles on becoming regulated, we have to refocus finding new clients to assist and help. After all – that is what we are here to do, isn’t it? Times are getting tougher, and we need to sharpen those business generation skills. Getting ready now will pay off BIG time later!
Get MORE than your fair share of opportunities, control your new business pipeline and earn to your potential.

This programme will work for you

Suitable for seasoned professionals wanting to resharpen their skills, to newer advisors looking for that idea to make things happen.
Here we will steer away from the online marketing and focus on the actions that we, as individuals, can control and put energy in to.
These ideas can be turned on and off as required to allow you to control how full your diary is.
Virtual programme - delivered in 4 X 2-hour sessions. That’s long enough to be meaningful and short enough to hold attention and allow practice and interaction.
3rd May 2022

Business Relationships and Centres of Influence

How to build deeper longer lasting relationships that will generate an ongoing stream of new business opportunities. We can target specific groups such as accountants.
10th May 2022

Local Area Marketing

This is the essence of no cost/low cost marketing. How can you take a simple action and leverage it to incorporate more demographic groups, roll it out more often and add more contact and sales points? Turn one client in a company into the catalyst for relationships with everyone. Turn a trade show into a lead generating bonanza.
17th May 2022


We all get that they are a great idea with high conversion rates and bigger sales - but so few people actually know how to really make them work! Our system is proven and bedded in psychology, and yet so simple to put into action.
24th May 2022

Making 200 policy sales a year

These are the ideas that helped the presenter maintain risk production of over 200 policies a year for 10 years as a broker/advisor. Just one idea will help you get 50% of the way to a sale in the first minute.
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NOTE: There must be a minimum of 10 people enrolled in order for a course to be delivered.
Please be prepared for dates to change if we have an insufficient amount of attendees.
I started with an advertisement in the school magazine and now gain at least 20 policies a year.
We gained 1700 referrals in 10 months from 10 Advisors.
In my last year I have gained an average of over 4 leads a week from accountants, lawyers and mortgage brokers. What a difference!

Simply choose one session, if you think that's all you need!