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Do you feel like your business has hit the ceiling? You aren’t alone.

Many businesses will get to a point where their growth trajectory will slow down or even get stuck and become stagnant.

While this is a common issue several CEOs and leaders face, many do not realise there is a way out.
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Our topic experts will cover off: 

  • A high-level review of the ‘Scaling Up’ model
  • Key levers to focus on
  • Business sustainability
  • Common pitfalls to look out for
  • The difference between growth and scale
  • Knowing when to scale
Adrian has over 20 years of experience successfully leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior management teams through periods of significant growth and change. He has helped drive medium to large corporations through all the challenges that come with growth. He encourages people of all levels to think beyond their comfort zones, embrace change, and become motivated to achieve objectives and goals.
Adrian Pickstock
Certified Business Coach
CEO of Attain, Sharn is an experienced Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Leveraging the knowledge of the roles both sales and marketing play in driving growth, he supports businesses in aligning all revenue-generating departments and building strategic partnerships.
Sharn Piper
CEO of Attain