NZFSG "Business Generation" Programme

How I sold over 200 policies a year for 10 years

These are the ideas that helped the presenter maintain risk production of over 200 policies a year for 10 years as a broker/advisor. Just one idea will help you get 50% of the way to a sale in the first minute.
Some of these ideas you will have seen before…but have you sold 200 policies a year for a decade? What if just one idea added another 30 policies to your total in 2022?
  • How to be 50% of the way through the sale in the first minute.
  • Having the client pick the amount they want and boosting that amount higher than they expected.
  • How to remove “no” from the options list.
  • Raising the clients budget expectation
  • Setting the scene within the team.
  • Pre-closing – How I gained a 96% closing rate on the second appointment.
Using just a couple of these ideas will significantly raise your success rate.
Workshop Date: 24th May 2022, 10am - 12pm
NOTE: There must be a minimum of 10 people enrolled in order for a course to be delivered.
Please be prepared for dates to change if we have an insufficient amount of attendees.