Module 09

Attac90 - Module 9 Objections and Closing

Learn to navigate objections seamlessly, spot buying signals, and close deals satisfactorily. These crucial sales skills, often feared, are simply processes that, when mastered, elevate your sales game. Let's dive in and make objection handling and closing second nature in your sales approach!
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What's included?

  • Manual
  • Videos
  • Exercises

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the process of objection handling.
  • To be able to spot when a customer is ready to buy.
  • To be able to complete the business in a timely way that is satisfactory to both parties.

Learning Outcome

  • Types of Objections.
  • Objection Handling Model APAC.
  • Handling the Most Common Objection: Price.
  • Nine Closing Techniques.
Meet the instructor

Bill James

An internationally recognised sales expert, Bill is a multiple award-winning presenter. He can show  you how to sell as yourself without compromising your values. Working with brand new sales professionals and high performers, giving them the extra 2% advantage they are looking for. You will see his decades of experience in every example and practical idea provided throughout Attain courses. 
Patrick Jones - Course author