Module 02

Attac90 - Module 2 Goal Setting & Time Management

Get ready to transform your aspirations into achievements and make the most of your valuable time. 
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What's included?

  • Manual
  • Videos
  • Exercises

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the importance of setting the right goals to achieve the right outcomes.
  • The ability to set goals that will motivate us.
  • Simple and effective tools to help us manage the limited time we have every day.

Learning Outcome

  • You will be able to determine key things that you should measure to be successful.
  • How to find the right numbers that will bring you a successful outcome – what you do every day and how much of it should you do?
  • You will be able to free up time achieve much more in a day you thought possible. This will move you towards the sales targets and relieve a lot of stress.

Meet the instructor

Bill James

An internationally recognised sales expert, Bill is a multiple award-winning presenter. He can show  you how to sell as yourself without compromising your values. Working with brand new sales professionals and high performers, giving them the extra 2% advantage they are looking for. You will see his decades of experience in every example and practical idea provided throughout Attain courses. 
Patrick Jones - Course author